Gazetteer of military conflicts

Sub-Project Supervisor: Kolias Taxiarchis, Director IHR/NHRF, Kardaras Georgios
Research Associate (adjunct): Christos Makripoulias

Description: The Gazetteer includes all military conflicts fought on Byzantine or former Byzantine soil in the Balkans and Asia Minor during the period 1204-1461, provided that one of the opposing forces consisted wholly or partly of Byzantines. It is complemented by an interactive digital atlas.
Subsumed under the term “military conflicts” are all events of a military nature: battles, naval battles, sieges, and raids. A necessary precondition for a conflict to be documented in the Gazetteer is for one of the opposing forces to wholly or partly consist of Byzantines (including those of the successor states that appeared after the fall of Constantinople in 1204).