The Project

ANAVATHMIS is a project funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Technology. Its goals are the development and excellence of the Institute of Historical Research with the use of digital applications in Humanities, as well as the production of new and innovative means for historical knowledge, and the systematic and structured digital assessment of historical data. With the use of digital technology, the Institute of Historical Research can create new and exploit existing archival infrastructures, to further develop research projects and applications, and to publish historical research work.

The project is implemented by the Institute’s researchers in collaboration with a large number of junior researchers, both pre- doctoral and post- doctoral (amounting to 65% of the total budget).

The studies and research data created within the project are open-access and accessible by the research and educational community. Through cutting-edge digital applications and dynamic web pages, the Institute of Historical Research presents a large volume of systematized historical data and creates new research tools. New technology is also used for the publication of studies as e-books. The projects also aims to include original research studies and to organize conferences and workshops.