Byzantine History Database

Sub-Project Supervisor: Vassiliki Vlyssidou, Research Director IHR/NHRF and Stylianos Lampakis, Research Director IHR/NHRF

Research Associates (adjunct): Telemachos Lounghis, Research Director Εmeritus IBR/NHRF and Anna Sklaveniti, PhD in Byzantine Philology

Research Associate (adjunct): Maria Alysandratou, PhD in Byzantine Philology and Constantine Ioannou, PhD candidate in Byzantine History

Description: The “Byzantine History Database” is an ongoing project of SBR/IHR, the outcome of extensive scientific processing of more than one hundred Greek and Latin texts to date, and aims to create an important tool for research and educational development.
The project, based on the detailed indexing of medieval sources and designed with flexibility and functionality, allows the user to refer to all the fields of Byzantine History and all the aspects of medieval everyday life, not only the emperor’s, but also that of citizens belonging to any social and administrate tier, or that of simple farmers, or even slaves.
From the life in the palace or the hut, in the Church and the monastery or in the military camp, from collective to the individual, from the public to the private, the user can be easily transferred to the rural life of the province, to commerce, to administration, to letters /literature, to the Byzantine relations with other nations, but also to relations between modern foreign states.
At this stage only one portion (1/3 approximately) of the existing database is deliverable pending the further technical processing of its source material.