The Depiction of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Book Bindings

Sub-Project Supervisor: Tsironi Niki, Functional Scientific Personnel IHR/NHRF.

Research Associate (adjunct): Christophoros Kontonikolis, PhD candidate in Byzantine literature

Description: The database includes pictorial records with special emphasis on the representation of codices in mosaics, frescoes, portable icons, illuminated manuscripts, as well as in works of the minor arts of the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine periods. The aim of the database is to showcase the iconological elements typical of the way the codex, in most cases the Gospel, is depicted in the art of the period. The database comprises the record of each image, that is, the site or monument to which it belongs, provenance, date, artist (where available), as well as the secondary bibliography from which the record has been retrieved. For copyright restrictions, the images are not included in the database.