Biographical Dictionary of Members of the Greek Parliament

Sub-Project Supervisor: Dede Katerina, Senior Researcher IHR/NHRF

Research Associate (adjunct): Margarita Liagka, PHD candidate AUTH

Description: The project «Biographical Dictionary of Members of the Greek Parliament, 1946-1956» attempts to map the parliamentary history of the first post-war decade in Greece through the 858 biographies of its Members of the Parliament. The entries focus on Members’ of the Parliament political activity during their lifetime and are accompanied by bibliography. Members’ of the Parliament political options and decisions could not be understood out of context. In order to do so, there are five short texts about each election’s political circumstances due the period (1946, 1950, 1951, 1952 and 1956) and extra contemporary evidence and facts, written or digital, about the procedure of the elections. In addition, information about the political parties and electoral alliances of the time are included too. However, the political dynamics in the Greek Parliament were not always been stable after the election. During parliamentary period Members of the Parliament could withdrawal from one party and joining another, or declare independent, new political groups or parties could be formed or existing ones merged into new, shifting the correlation of political forces. These changes are visualised in pie charts for every parliamentary period. Finally, the site offers to the user the ability of multiple searches through filters (alphabetically, per parliamentary period, per party, per constituency) so to address different and variant questions.