Imported pottery in the Peloponnese and in Crete (4th-16th c.)

Sub-Project Supervisor: Anastasia Yangaki, Research Director IHR/NHRF

Research Associate (adjunct): Marilia Lykaki, Dr of Byzantine history, Nikos Melvani, Dr of Byzantine archaeology, FotisFoteinopoulos, undergraduate student, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, collaborator in the framework of an internship.

Description: The project highlights the imported categories of pottery found in sites in the Peloponnese and in Crete and the fluctuations in the distribution and circulation of ceramic products depending to each period, from the 4th to the 15th or 16th c., respectively. The database contains more than 5800 records and is accompanied by a digital map. The catalogued data can be retrieved according to a general date, to the location, to the general category of pottery (tableware, transport and storage vessels, cooking ware, lamps, miscellaneous) and by individual type of pottery. The user can attempt a combinatorial search based on all three parameters (space, time, category). The project is based on and is an upgraded version of the earlier respective project within the “Kyrtouplegmata. Convex Grids”programme both in terms of enriching the data from the two regions and the related search criteria.