Hagiography of the Late Byzantine Period (1204-1453)

Sub-Project Supervisor: Kountoura-Galake Eleonora, Research Director IHR/NHRF.

Research Associate (adjunct): Dr. Eirini Kasapi (1.11.2018-30.11.2019)

Research Associate (adjunct): Dr. Niki Koutrakou, prof. St. Eythymiadis (Open University of Cyprus)

Description: Late Byzantine Period (1204-1453)is notable in flourishing hagiographic production placed among a spectacular cultural activity of the time. Many of the hagiographical works were written in a highly rhetorical style and beyond their literary value they provide unique information on the society, everyday life, education, attitudes and habits of the time.
The Data Base “Hagiography of the Late Byzantine Period (1204-1453)” that runs at the Institute of Historical Research/Section of Byzantine Research aims at collecting, elaborating and digitizing the hagiographic material of the time. With additionalelucidative metadata which includes, the Base constitutes a useful tool for those who study Byzantine History.