Archive of the Modern Monuments of Athens

Sub-Project Supervisor: Kallivretakis Leonidas, Research Director IHR/NHRF

Research Associate (adjunct): Giannis Papakondylis, PHD candidate in Modern History (2019-2020), Kallivretakis Leonidas, photographer (2007-2009), Ioanna Trachana, architect-engineer (2007-2009)

Description: Historical and architectural presentation and documentation of important modern and contemporary monuments (mainly buildings) of the City of Athens, since the start of the Ottoman rule up to the end of the 20th century. In terms of use, the database includes private mansions, state buildings, temples, hospitals, schools, scientific institutes, museums, theaters, hotels, apartment buildings, shops, industrial facilities, office buildings, etc. In terms of architectural typology it includes, among others, pre-revolutionary and early post-revolutionary edifices, neoclassical and eclectic buildings of all kinds, buildings of the modern movement of the 1930s and of the rationalist functionalism, skyscrapers of the 1970s and versions of bioclimatic architecture of the 1990s.