People and Markets

Sub-Project Supervisor: Chatziioannou Maria Christina,Director IHR/NHRF

Research Associate (adjunct): Stefanos Vamiedakis, PHD candidate University of Crete, Dr. Dimitris Kontogeorgis, Assistant Professor University of Cyprus, Filippa Chorozi, PHD candidate UOA

Περιγραφή: The aim of the project is to record and deepen our understanding of the regional and international dimension of the commercial networks in the Mediterranean. A research sample was selected that complements the mapped samples in «”Kyrtou Plegmata” – Economic networks and networks of power and knowledge in Greece, from prehistoric times to the modern age: documentation – interpretative mapping – synthetic approaches», (2013-2015), in order for the networks of the commercial houses of Gerousi, Efessiou (research associate Dimitris Kontogeorgis, 2015) and Themistoklis Marinos (coordinator Evridiki Sifnaiou, research associate Filippa Chorozi, 2015) to be combined with new documentary evidence from the commercial network of Alexandros Kontostavlos [research associate Stefanos Vamiedakis, 2019). This database was migrated in its entirety to the open source platform Heurist and supplemented with a large section of the Kontostavlos archive, which is scattered in different collections.